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Discover Africa with World Discovery: Expertly curated safari adventures that blend authenticity with our extensive travel industry experience.

Hey! I'm Ava, the Manager of Safari Tours Africa.

At World Discovery, our narrative has always been more than just charting courses on a map. It’s a story of passion, curiosity, and the relentless pursuit of the unknown. Born in Europe’s rich tapestry of history and culture, our agency has evolved through the years, embracing various facets of global travel.

Our experience spans a kaleidoscope of destinations, each journey etching a new chapter in our collective adventure. Now, as we turn our compass towards Africa, we find ourselves at the cusp of a new, exhilarating chapter in our odyssey of exploration.

Rear view of a group of hikers walking along a river at Chogoria Route, Mount Kenya, Kenya
Africa – a land of multiple jewels

Africa: A Canvas of Raw Beauty

Africa has always been a source of inspiration for us at World Discovery. Its raw, unfiltered beauty and rich tapestry of landscapes and cultures beckon the true explorers. We chose to focus on safaris, not luxury getaways because we believe in presenting Africa in its truest form.

From the sweeping savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania to the rugged wilderness of Uganda and the diverse biomes of South Africa, each destination offers a unique window into a world where nature still reigns supreme.

Panorama of Mount Kenya,
Africa’s raw beauty

Our safari adventures are designed to immerse our clients in Africa’s heart. We take you beyond the ordinary, offering you a chance to tread lightly through ecosystems that have remained unchanged for millennia. 

Our vision is to facilitate a real connection with the continent – its wildlife, its landscapes, and its people – allowing you to experience Africa as it truly is: wild, free, and breathtaking.

Our Strength: Expertise and Reliable Partnerships

The strength of World Discovery lies in our expertise and our ability to identify the most reliable and authentic safari experiences. We understand that the essence of a great safari lies not just in the destination but in the journey and the people who guide you through it.

Our approach to selecting partners is meticulous and based on a deep understanding of what makes a safari experience exceptional.

Our team, with its vast experience in the travel industry, meticulously evaluates each potential partner and safari opportunity, drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and insight through a thorough process that mirrors the diligence and attention one would exercise while journeying through Africa’s majestic landscapes.

Maasai Mara man showing traditional Maasai jumping dance
Local Maasai men

We delve into the operations of our partners, assessing their customer support channels, organizational prowess, and overall reliability. Our team engages with the people in charge, scrutinizing their offerings to ensure they meet our high standards.

When we curate your safari, it’s with the precision and care of those who understand what makes an African adventure truly special. Our selection process is informed by comprehensive research, customer feedback, and close communication with local experts.

This enables us to handpick safari experiences that offer authenticity and unparalleled encounters with Africa’s wildlife and culture.

Our Local Partners

Our partners in Africa are more than just operators; they are guardians of the land and ambassadors of their culture. They are locals who live and breathe the African wilderness, with stories and insights that enrich every safari.

By choosing to work with them, we ensure that our clients not only enjoy a genuine African experience but also contribute to the conservation of these magnificent landscapes and the communities that call them home.

Our Kenyan safari ride
We try to form firm partnerships with local providers

Discover Africa (and the World) With Us!

With World Discovery at Safari Tours Africa, your African safari will be a journey into the soul of the world’s most captivating continent. Whether you’re tracking gorillas in the misty forests of Uganda, witnessing the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania, or exploring the diverse ecosystems of South Africa, we promise an adventure that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Join us on this journey of discovery. Explore our curated safari experiences in Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania, and step into a world where every moment is a story waiting to unfold. Connect with us today, and let’s embark on an unforgettable adventure into the heart of Africa with Safari Tours Africa.

Discover the wild beauty of Africa with Safari Tours Africa, offering unforgettable safari trips in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda.
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